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What are Calluses?

Calluses are areas of the skin which become hardened in response to repeated friction or pressure. For this reason, the feet are most commonly affected due to the pressures from walking or from ill-fitting shoes.

Calluses can, in theory, occur anywhere where there is repeated friction, and are common among athletes or professions that expose them to repeated friction or pressure. Guitar players often have calluses from repeated friction. They are not harmful to your health in any way, but can be irritating, cosmetically problematic, or sometimes painful.


  • Distinct appearance and well known to the public
  • Thickening of hardened skin
  • Most common on the feet, and the hands are the next common
  • Generally white or yellow in color, but cam also have a red or brown tint
  • Generally painless, but can throb. If it is discomforting, seek medical attention


  • Calluses are not a disease-they are not caused by a fungus, bacteria, or virus
  • Calluses are the result of the body`s defence mechanism to protect areas that are under constant physical stress
  • Calluses are not dangerous, and generally do not need any treatment unless it becomes painful or cosmetically unacceptable
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